Are you dreaming of your own food forest?

Are you looking for a way to create a food forest: a carbon-binding, beautiful and easy-to-maintain multilayer garden on your or your community's property? Metsäpuutarhasuunnittelu Ruokametsä is a Finnish garden design consultancy, specialising in food forests, that can help you with this dream. Our members are experienced designers and gardeners. Our design process is ethically driven and focuses on diversity and self sufficient holistic systems

Our workflow

Your vision

1. Your vision

It is all about your ideas and visions! Let us know what you want to create. 


2. Client interview

We'd like to get to know you and that means we have a lot of questions. In order to keep costs low we use standardized formats that have been proven to us as useful. 

Vierailu luonasi

3. Site visit

We come and visit your site to get an impression of your vision and the possibilities onsite.

Design proposal

4. Design proposal

We work in iterations. Means you get a design proposal which we than use as basis. We work from patterns to details. 



5. Implementation

There are two options: You get an implementation list and implement yourself - or one of our partners covers implementation. Whatever you prefer!


6. Maintenance

Our designs are usually low in maintenance - but for example trees and bushes need cutting from from time. With our maintenance plan you are covered!

Designing a food forest

Why a food forest?

They can

  • make gardening easy & quick
  • provide abundant, fresh food
  • protect and improve the soil
  • create diversity in plants, animals and fungi
  • offer you a place of beauty and relaxation
  • and so much more!

Meet the team

Dominik Jais

Dominik Jais is a diploma designer with yeas of experience in holistic and sustainable design. He is the design lead, loves to get his hands dirty while keeping an eye on the overall process and quality management.

Lumia Huhdanpää-Jais

Lumia Huhdanpää-Jais has a lot of experience in gardening. She know what works and what doesn't and how to get things running. She manages clients and will be your main contact person.

And you!

We are looking for partners. Just fill in the form below and we get back to you!

Get in touch!

Initiate the process and contact us using our form. Give us some details about your project - the more the better. We will than come back to you as soon as possible to arrange a first meeting - online or in person. 

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